The Drink King wants everyone to know the history behind their favorite scotch, gin, rum, or whiskey. He also wants the world to find new and exciting ways to drink these classics.

He pays tribute to the Old World’s culture and brings a spirit up to New World speed. With a passion for travel and a never-ending thirst for the next best drink, the Drink King wants to share a story and a drink with as many people he can.



The Drink King is on a journey to find the next best drink, and he’s bringing a film crew. Viewers around the world will watch as mixologists across America compete to create one-of-kind mixed drinks using spirits from some of the world’s most exotic places. Follow the Drink King as he travels across the globe to explore the cultures and lifestyles behind these exceptional beverages, and watch as the competing mixologists sift, shake and stir their way into becoming the next Drink King.

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